Explore Berlin without limits.

Yamaha NEO’s e-moped with battery swapping

Monthly subscription

From 129 € per month

Explore Berlin without limits.

Turning urban mobility upside down by swapping batteries

Yamaha NEO’s e-moped

Comfortable, agile and easy to ride, this new generation Yamaha moped is powered by a lithium-ion battery and driven by a hub-mounted electric motor that gives you strong and controllable acceleration – but with zero emissions and a super quiet ride! NEO’s: Move Smart.

From 129 € per month


Battery charging infrastructure

With the innovative service from Swobbee, you can quickly swap your empty battery for a fully charged one at numerous stations throughout Berlin. Simply access the Swobbee app, select a nearby station, and exchange your battery in just 30 seconds.

Pricing for the E-Moped subscription

Prices include VAT.


For leisure use


129 € per month


144 €per month


For delivery and business


159 € per month


184 €per month

Optional extras

Prices include VAT.


by HJC

+10 €per month


by Yamaha

+10 €per month

Phone holder

by SP Connect

with rain protection

+5 €per month

Service partner

To ensure top-notch manufacturer service, we have partnered with the Yamaha Center Berlin.

Schildhornstraße 6
12163 Berlin

Opening hours

Monday – Friday

9:00h – 18:00h


9:00h – 13:00h

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