We are Swobbee.

About us

Swobbee is a climate technology company based in Berlin, Germany, founded in 2020 with the idea that battery charging needs to be safer and more efficient in terms of operation and resource consumption.

The company was born out of the need to solve the problem of a lack of charging infrastructure for battery-powered light electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, mopeds, scooters and cargo bikes. The founding team has extensive industry knowledge and a strong background in finance, battery technology and mobility.


Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in cities by operating a global network of Swobbee stations for every user worldwide. Our goal is to supply all forms of mobility with electricity safely and efficiently. We offer everything from small batteries for small electric vehicles to batteries for boats and small construction equipment. By increasing charging efficiency and guaranteeing charging safety, we want to actively contribute to making cities quieter, cleaner and more livable. Our guiding principle is to make the greatest possible positive impact.


Our management team consists of an experienced group of experts who specialize in the development and implementation of advanced charging solutions. Together, we are working to continuously improve our products and services to provide our customers with the highest level of convenience, efficiency, and reliability.

Ludwig Speidel

Ludwig is the commercial director of Swobbee – and loves challenges!

The graduate in business administration is an expert in sustainable financing and contributes his experience in the investment and banking sector.

Thomas Duscha

Thomas is co-founder and CEO of Swobbee – and an absolute mobility and tech enthusiast!

The graduate in business administration with international experience is an expert in the automation and industrialization of batteries and electric drives.

Sinah Truffat

Sinah träumt davon, dass an jeder Ecke der Welt eine Swobbee-Station steht. Sie ist dafür verantwortlich, die Ladestationen, Batterien und Softwareplattform von Swobbee an Kunden auf der ganzen Welt zu liefern. Ihr Fokus liegt darauf, Unternehmen dabei zu unterstützen, kosteneffiziente und sichere Ladevorgänge durchzuführen.

Stephan von Wolff

Stephan is COO of Swobbee.

His extensive experience in laser microfabrication and product development will help drive Swobbee’s growth and innovation.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of experts in the areas of climate protection,
Mobility and technology that help us achieve our mission.

Christian Speidel

Frank Zeeb

Ole von Beust

Simon Bartmann

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