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About Swobbee

As a provider of rental batteries and battery charging stations, Swobbee offers the world’s first manufacturer-independent battery swapping system. The Berlin-based green tech company supports micro-mobility businesses in implementing efficient, safe, and sustainable charging processes. Swobbee’s mission is to build a network of battery exchange stations with the goal of positively impacting the energy and mobility transition. Network effects such as cost savings and increased safety are created by reducing the distance traveled to swap batteries and by monitoring all charging processes and batteries. Swobbee’s battery exchange system allows for a risk-free and cost-optimized operation of various applications of electric micro-mobility, such as cargo bikes, scooters, kick scooters, and mopeds.

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Swobbee Isometric Graphics

Swobbee in a graphic

Last Mile - Batterie swap at a Swobbee Station

DPD driver replaces a battery at a SWOBBEE station with GreenPack batteries. The vehicle is an ONO (more infos here: https://onomotion.com)

Station with AES module

SWOBBEE Station with AES (AkkuEnergieSysteme) battery modules and the new fat bike by URBAN DRIVESTYLE

Eine Swobbee mit verschiedenen Akkus auf einer Straße. Vorbei färht ein Lastenrad

Example of a public station

Swobbee station with open battery compartments in front of a wall with explanatory graphics of the SWOBBEE network on the wall of the house. A CargoBike from Cargocycling passes by. (https://cargocycling.de/)


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