This is how the Swobbee system works

A battery in just a few steps | Our app

Get our free Swobbee app and get an overview of all Swobbee stations in your area.

By subscribing to a rental battery, you get access to the public Swobbee network. Private stations are managed by their own user groups.

1. Find Swobbee station

2. Choose the right battery

3. Choose the number of batteries

4. Scan QR code

5. Swap batteries & close doors

6. Complete the swap

7. Rate your swap

What else can you see in our app

You can view your entire battery swap history via the menu and contact our support hotline directly if you have any questions.


Battery swapping history

Support hotline

Operator dashboard

Full transparency and traceability of your operations. In our Operator dashboard you will find 3 submenus:

Types of stations

Eine Swobbee mit verschiedenen Akkus auf einer Straße. Vorbei färht ein Lastenrad

Public station

The battery pool of the public stations is available to all customers who have a subscription to rental batteries at Swobbee. Swobbee is the owner of these stations and batteries. Customers can change their battery as often as necessary and at all public stations in a city. Swobbee takes care of the replacement of defective batteries and guarantees an always functioning network of battery swapping stations.

Eine private Swobbee Station mit Okai B Akkus

Private station

Fleet operators have the option of renting a Swobbee station exclusively to charge their batteries. Together with our team, we look for suitable locations and offer customers additional services such as parking spaces and charging facilities for electric vehicles. The payment consists of a monthly rent for the station and a small contribution per battery swap. The batteries remain in the customer’s possession.

Customer journey


No, Swobbee stations are only available for rent.

Depending on the configuration, between 10 and 30 batteries can be charged in the station.

Between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the type of battery and the state of charge of the battery when inserted into the station.

Batteries can be reserved for up to one hour via the app.

The Swobbee station is equipped with a smoke detector. Suspicious batteries are detected at an early stage and taken out of the station to be stored safely before repair and/or recycling.

In this case, our service hotline will help you around the clock.

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