Our contribution to sustainable cities


Use batteries more efficiently

Thanks to intelligent battery management and ambient charging, the batteries are charged and stored in Swobbee stations under optimal conditions. This extends the life of the batteries, which can then be used for longer periods. In addition, a shared battery pool means that fewer batteries are needed overall.

Akkus in Swobbee-Stationen werden unter optimalen Bedingungen geladen.

Resource efficiency

Swobbee – the battery swapping and charging station for everyone! Our fleet-agnostic solution for the entire micromobility industry eliminates the need for resource-intensive and incompatible stand-alone charging solutions. In addition, companies do not have to set up and maintain their own charging infrastructure. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring, defective batteries are immediately detected and removed from the system to be stored safely before repair or recycling. If a repair is not possible, the discarded batteries are recycled so that valuable raw materials are preserved.

Save CO2 emissions

A decentralised battery swapping and charging infrastructure saves CO2, reduces noise and alleviates urban traffic. Companies no longer have to transport batteries with vans to take them to warehouses to recharge. Batteries are charged where they are needed, while the electric vehicles have no downtime thanks to fast battery swapping.

Promoting car alternatives

Swobbee’s intelligent charging infrastructure ensures that micromobility solutions for delivery, logistics and sharing can be implemented in a cost-efficient manner. This contributes to the mobility transition in cities towards cleaner, safer and more liveable cities.

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