Safe charging around the clock

Swobbee station



Thanks to our energy-saving LED light, you won’t be in the dark even at a late hour.


Power module

The heart of the Swobbee. The power module controls the electricty supply and ensures that all charging processes are managed safely.


Display + RFID scanner

You can get convenient access to the batteries with the help of an RFID card via the display or via our app.



Single battery module

Behind each of these doors, a fully charged battery is waiting for you.


Multi-battery module

The large compartments provide access to four batteries.


Advertising display

The Full HD advertising display offers cross-marketing and additional earning opportunities for location partners and customers.


Modular & Intermodal

Flexibly adaptable & for different vehicle classes

Swap & Go

Battery change in less than 1 minute

Decentralized charging

24/7 Availability


Real-time monitoring of charged batteries

IoT Technology

24/7 remote maintenance

Fast integration

Integration of new batteries in a few weeks

This is what the Swobbee network offers you

Modular & Intermodal

Flexibly adaptable and suitable for different batteries

Swap & Go

Battery swap in less than 30 seconds

Decentralized charging

At attractive locations


24/7 battery monitoring


Access to all battery and station data

Fast integration

Battery integration in just a few months

Swobbee locations

No Swobbee in your city yet? Write us a message via our contact form and we will find a solution together.

Integrated batteries

AES eBike 2.0

Rated voltage: 48 V
Energy: 720 Wh


Rated voltage: 48 V
Energy: 1400 Wh

NIU 6035

Nominal voltage: 60 V
Energy: 2100 Wh


Rated voltage: 48 V
Energy: 768 Wh


Rated voltage: 48 V
Energy: 690 Wh


Rated voltage: 36 V
Energy: 551 Wh


Rated voltage: 36 V
Energy: 1004 Wh
Torrot Battery


Rated voltage: 48 V
Energy: 1670 Wh

Your battery is not listed yet? Write us a message via our contact form and we will find a solution together.

Cloud Software Platform

End-to-end battery management and charging solution with various interfaces (GraphQL, REST, WebSockets)

Station management

Battery Management

Battery database

Operator Dashboard & App


App (iOS+Android)

We are searching for location partners!

Become part of our growing community now and actively contribute to the growth of safe charging infrastructure and energy storage!

Information for location partners

We cover the costs

Installation, connection and electricity according to consumption, as well as dismantling of the station if necessary. In addition, Swobbee pays you a rent for the use of the space.

Fire protection according to DIN

The station complies with DIN VDE 0100 for electronic equipment and fire protection specifications of the German Institute for Building Technology. The batteries comply with the IEC standard EN62133.

Regular maintenance

The station is regularly checked by our service staff. As a location partner, you are the most important contact person for all topics related to renting.


Location requirements

Advantages of the battery charging station

Reduce your operating costs by shortening the distance you have to travel to change batteries. Save high storage costs by using our network.

All batteries at our Swobbee stations are monitored at all times to ensure that charging processes are regulated and controlled. Suspicious batteries are detected at an early stage and taken out of the field in good time.

Changing your battery at one of our Swobbee stations only takes a few seconds.
Open the > app Find a > station Replace the battery Continue > driving

Range anxiety? Want to prevent your electric vehicle’s range from being insufficient to complete many trips? Come by and get a fully charged battery directly at one of our Swobbee stations.

Forget about the long search for warehouses in urban areas. By using our network, it is not necessary to build/rent a warehouse. Get in touch with our expansion team to see what new locations we can offer you.

In our dashboard you can always see how full your battery already is. Live operations tracking keeps you on top of your operations at all times.

Resource-saving charging extends the life of your batteries. End-of-life batteries can be used as decentralized energy storage in a second life. Together with our partners, we take care of recycling.

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