The Sortimo L-Box enables mobile energy supply for tradespeople. On the construction site or at other locations, for example, it simplifies the use of power-powered tools. The multifunctional box with storage space for tools also includes a GreenPack battery, with the help of which 48VDC can be converted into 230 V without great energy loss . Handy, flexible and can be used anywhere.

Swobbee gives every construction and design project the necessary energy boost and enables the flexible use of electrically powered tools and devices – of course sustainably and emission-free by means of rechargeable batteries. Our battery sharing points always provide sufficient energy replenishment.
Other applications are also no problem. If you do not want to do without a reliable energy supply for cooler, radio and Co. when camping or at the festival, you can now resort to silent battery-powered alternatives to conventional generators. Thanks to Swobbee, a fully charged battery is always at hand when you need it.

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