SurbX from Reck-Elektrofahrzeuge is an e-cargo scooter for the last mile.
With a length of 1.7 m, it is smaller than a cargo bike with a similar load volume.

SurbX is suitable for the fine distribution of e.B. mail, purchases, parcels and food in cities as well as on industrial sites. It is more flexible, more manoeuvrable and much smaller than conventional delivery vehicles and conspares traffic and the environment. It can be parked directly in front of the delivery address without hindering others.

SurbX fits through a door and is allowed to ride wherever e-scooters or bicycles are allowed. The aim is for SurbX to replace as many vehicles as possible and make the roads empty and the air better. Thanks to the Greenpack , SurbX can be used even more universally, the battery helps SurbX to a range of more than 50 km.

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